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JXII − Insulin Cartridge Filling plant

Insulin Cartridge Filling plant is specialised in manufacturing sterile injectable form of recombinant insulin human and insulin analogues in a cartridge presentation. The finished product is packed in a modern state-of-the-art pen device (BD).

The facility has been built in accordance with the European Union and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards. This fully automated plant uses highly sophisticated processes, which handle the transfer of raw material through closed systems without cross contamination.

It ensures consistent environmental conditions through intrinsic online, in-process controls and monitoring. Equipment includes fully automated cartridge washing, sterilising and filling line supplied by Bosch, and final pen assembly machine from Moeller & Devicon.

Jusline range of products are filled and fully manufactured in JVIII, one of Julphar’s facilities dedicated to sterile injectables with a total annual capacity of 25 million of vials.

  Annual capacities   15 million insulin cartridge pens
  Project Type   Sterile manufacturing (fill and finish) facility
  Location   Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
  Floor space   2,000 square meters
  Clean rooms   10,000 square meters
  Construction   2013
  Completion   2015